For agencies

For agencies engaged in a human resources agenda, conducting specialized employee search in all of Central Europe, or considering expansion into new territories we provide a wide portfolio of services. These services range from organizational support and HR vendorship to a partnership-based cooperation on a specific project.

manCandidate search and evaluation

Based on the particular position profile, labour market situation, and customer requirements, we will suggest the most suitable ways of finding the best candidate. Typically, it is a combination of advertising with dedicated media, on high-ranking internet portals, and direct candidate approach through our networks and recommendations, etc. Our focus is always on acquiring the right candidate in a reasonable timeframe.

In case the customer is interested in further narrowing the results, we can arrange a shortlist based on assessment interviews conducted according to our or the customer’s standards. The concise report can then be delivered in Czech, German or English.

searchExecutive search

Finding the most suitable professional to fill a specific position can be a challenge even for a skilled headhunter with sound knowledge of the local labor market. Such a task may be well beyond the capabilities of an operator with limited insight. Being aware of this fact, we offer both Czech and foreign executive search agencies our know-how and extensive knowledge of the local market.

We can organize a range of executive search services. These include a workforce market analysis broken down by industry or branch, obtained by conducting professional research activities and processing a shortlist of relevant candidates and cross addressing these in a discrete and professional manner. We present concise results or even proceed with evaluation interviews and related duties.

serviceLocal support service

As in any region, the Czech Republic has its specifics, which can undermine the success of the entire hiring process. With our background, we can provide foreign agencies and freelance headhunters assistance in overcoming these obstacles and help them identify the most suitable method for locating the right candidates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thereby, they can optimize their offer and employ the most effective search tools, and avoid some of the difficulties e.g. in setting an adequate salary and benefit conditions and generally improve the prospects of success outside of their home territory.

Delegates sent by a foreign agency with hiring duties, to conduct interviews, visit the region in person, etc., can thus be supplied with all required support. It can include background arrangements including, for example, suitable accommodation or managing the business meeting locations and all corresponding admin and communication agenda. This can range from organizing interview schedules and invitations to eventually informing unsuccessful candidates so that they can fully concentrate on their business.

projectProject participation

Our agency and freelance partners can invite us to participate as external consultants, professional opponents or an independent advisory voice in their major projects, which they cannot fully cover with own resources, such as HR / management audits, extensive sets of assessment interviews, assessment centers, staffing campaigns and similar activities. Should you have a related query, kindly let us know via the contact details provided.

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