For employers

We predominantly provide direct employers with services such as the active search for and addressing of suitable candidates for management and specialist positions. We offer years of experience in human resources, research and headhunting across industries. Our portfolio covers branches from FMCG, retail and manufacturing to engineering and technologies. Owing to our carefully built network of contacts, we can help quickly acquire the right employees and assess their qualities and potential from the employer’s point of view. Besides that we are ready to arrange staffing support from setting up a new company start-up team to recruiting an entire department, and identifying and filling weak spots in your existing structure or providing dedicated HR training. Discretion and a professional approach to all our partners and customers is our commitment.

manCandidate search and evaluation

We will gladly arrange a new employee hiring service in full or in part. Based on the particular position specifics, your requirements, and the current labour market situation, we will suggest the most effective ways of looking for appropriate candidates. Typically this includes a combination of targeted advertisements in various media, contacting proven professionals within our network, and trusted specialists` recommendations, etc. Our goal is always to deliver the best possible match in an acceptable timeframe.

Furthermore, we are able to conduct a pre-selection and produce a shortlist of individuals with the strongest potential of bringing added value to your organization and although the final decision is always yours, we can even participate as a consultatory voice in the final interviews at your own premises.

Are you seeking a new senior executive for your organization, a project manager, a skilled engineer or any other seasoned professionals who do not read job offers?

Due to our in-depth knowledge of the executive market and years of networking and building valuable contacts, we can find them for you. We know suitable candidates in companies comparable to yours. We are able to assess what they have achieved, analyze their potential, and possible added value for your company and bring you a shortlist of the most suitable ones for further negotiations.

Are you not sure how to approach a specific professional you would like to acquire?

Long-term experience in discretely intermediating top-level employment offers to business executives who never stay unemployed enables us to take over this delicate task for you and bring it to a successful end.

During this process we will help you analyze the initial situation and optimize your offer so that it is attractive for the candidate. We will approach him discretely, present him your offer in a professional manner while keeping your anonymity intact and in case of a positive response we will intermediate the exchange. In the final phase, we can contribute to the success by participating in the negotiations over detailed conditions. From the first step to the last, a professional attitude is our commitment.

businessHR and Management audit

Human resources is one of the most valuable (and also most expensive) assets of every organization. Utilizing these effectively is thus a necessity. HR and management audits use tools such as structured interviews with employees of various responsibility levels, workday snaphots, etc. to assess the existing human resources in terms of adequacy, structure, efficiency, or planning and management.

HR and management audit benefits:

The audit allows weak spots in the organizational structure to be discovered and removed for example with matching education courses, strong aspects to be expanded by identifying internal candidates with management potential or creating individual career plans in general. It provides an enhanced insight into processes with direct impact on individual teams and company performance and even long-term strategic planning. The analysis also contains recommendations for change – by comparing your current structure to the optimal model we can draft and help you implement a more efficient responsibilities aggregation and delegation and improve information flow efficiency.

With our experience we are able to assess your company HR management as a complex of various aspects, help you draft a long-term plan, and supply your company with a clear HR development concept.

moneyRenumeration and benefit policies consulting

Besides career prospects, remuneration and benefit programs are some of the key factors affecting employee motivation and satisfaction, which is extremely important currently. Underestimating these may cause valuable people to leave and morale to sink. Smart policy, on the other hand, improves employee loyalty and in effect also their performance, and contributes to overall stability and a good-employer reputation also improves your image.

Along with our consulting services we bring the added value of an impartial assessment of your policy in comparison with trends and often even with the relevant market competition. We know the usual remuneration package span for a specific type of position in the Czech or regional market and are thus able to equip you with sound background for an educated decision. This service may prove especially helpful in case of a new business opening, where it can be conveniently accompanied by our other services or as a base for planned restructuring.

Making your benefit program more attractive? Planning cuts?

Benefits & motivation programs are a vital supplement and to an extent even an alternative to salary. While keeping costs in mind, we will help you find the ideal way to satisfy the needs and preferences of your employees, be it by adjusting the proven Cafeteria system to your situation or developing something novel to make you stand out. The effect of well tuned benefit system on employee satisfaction and even on reducing undesirable effects of cuts are obvious.

people_trainingHR essentials for non-HR managers

Just as an in-house HR & payroll specialist does not always have a technical background, a dedicated manager – specialist may not be skilled enough in HR matters to conduct an interview and properly assess a new candidate from all the important points of view. Knowing that, we offer a made-to-measure HR training course and aid in removing this handicap.

The target audience of such a course are typically technical department team leads, who are then able to evaluate candidates for their departments or their own team members much more precisely or an office manager responsible for first level interviews. Thus, the acquired insight can help prevent some of the frequent miscommunication issues and avoid resulting inconvenient complications.

projectParticipation in projects

Employers may require us to participate in their in-house hiring processes. They will thus be able to exploit years of our professional experience with dozens of important customers and hundreds of conducted interviews in most varied branches and our independent advisory voice without losing control by handing the recruitment over to a recruitment agency completely.

Contrary to the standard human resources services where the agency keeps its know-how at home and only presents the output in the form of a shortlist of candidates, with us you have an opportunity to see some of our methods in action and implement them in your own processes.

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